What is slideLynxx?

slideLynxx is a merchandising tool that will increase your sales on eBay.

While using the slideLynxx tool, potential customers can browse up to 100 of your items in just 6 seconds!

Lynxx is automatically placed into your item description

80% of the time a shopper looks at one of your items, they never go to another one. Did you know that? The goal is to keep them looking at your items, and your items only! slideLynxx keeps buyers inside your items and away from other sellers.

Click the image to see how slideLynxx fits nicely into your item page.

Main View

The main view allows buyers to quickly browse through your items and find products of interest. Viewing over 100 items every 6 seconds is not unusual. Click the photo and they're taken to that item. Keeping buyers inside your items and away from eBay-land is key to getting you more sales.

Thumbnail Hover

Sometimes buyers just want to see more info before they go to the item. They simply place their mouse over the photo and we show them the items Title, Current Price, and Time left.